Why I Write

It’s never easy to answer a “why” question. I have to put a time to contemplate to answer this simple question.

When I getting started to write, my reason is simply because I want to share what I know from books I read. 

Because of that reason, I started Metagraf. I read many books and rewrite what I got from that books to an article.

After a while, there is a moment when I don’t have something to share. I have bored to read a book. 

I stopped writing and ask myself this question again.

Why do I write?

You know, I don’t want to stop so soon. It’s still a long journey for me.

I have to look for a larger cause. A cause that could make me write every single morning every day.

More or less, writing has changed my life dramatically. I learn to express my feeling, my emotion, and also my aspiration of the world.

Not only my life, if my writings could inspire anyone to be a better person, it is so meaningful to me.

When people said thank you and they appreciate my writings, I feel so inspired to write again.

Think about it, writing has developed me while helping others to develop themselves. How could it be better?

For now on, that will be my cause.

I’m writing for the people who needs to believe.

I’m writing for people that wanted to maximize their potential.

I’m writing as my contribution to make this world a better place.

I’m writing for the sake of the future generations. 

I’m writing because I want to see the next young generation in Indonesia contribute to their country with their own unique potential.

Not how their parents told to. Not how their environment forced them to.

It will be a long, long journey. I still have to learn more.

I should write, and write, and write until I reached my goal.

Started from 300 words per day, 500 words per day, 750 words per day, 1000 words per day and so on.

I will change the world with my writings.

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