What If You Have More Than One Passion?

In the age of early 20s, you will be wondering about what life path should you take after you graduate college.

Should you take the path that is related to your major?
Or should you pursue your long-time passion?

Lucky you if you have the same answer for both question.

But what if you found that you have more than one passion? Should you focus on one of them or should you pursue both? Are you special?

It’s such an interesting question, though. I found myself in the same situation before. In the previous article, I wrote about the importance of focus on one thing that you want to be an expert on. But is it wrong to have more than one thing to pursue?

The Difference Between Passion & Interest

Before I answer that question. I have to make sure that you surely understand what is the difference by passion and interest/hobby. They are similar but have a major difference.

In my definition, passion is more like something that you love to do and gives you power when you do it. You don’t mind doing it without getting paid. You have a strong desire to train it and getting better at it. It gives you a reason to wake up early, you even make times for it in your busy day.

While on the other hand, interest/hobby is something that makes you curious and gives you joy. But you only want to do it in your free time. You have no reason to make time for it.

It’s quite similar but different. The main difference is the time. Do you gladly make time for it? or just wait until you have a free time? Only you could decide the parameter whether it is a passion or an interest.

Some people said that passion is something that you cannot be bored on. But I personally don’t believe that. You can get bored with your passion. It’s a natural thing as a human being to get bored and stop. But eventually, you will come back to it again after you get over it.

I also believe that your passion might change depending on a certain condition. As you grow older, you will understand yourself better and better. You have explored more things in life and falling in love with some of it. It grows to you as a new passion.

Mostly, that’s the reason why you have more than one passion.

It’s good to discover your passion since you were at a young age and stick to it. But not everyone in this world born that way. Some have just discovered that passion at age 20s or even in their 50s. Nothing is better. It’s just the way it is.

So, Should You Pursue Them Or Give Them Up?

Okay, back to the question, should you follow more than one passion or focus on one?

I will suggest that you follow all of the passion you have. Passion is a blessing. Not everyone would realize that they have it. I cannot think a reason why should you give up on something that you love.

But there is a certain condition that you have to understand about yourself. You have a limit. And from all the people in this world, the only one that really understand that limit is you. If you think that you can be an expert on all of your passion, why not?

The Strategy To Pursue All of Your Passion

Of course pursuing more than one passion is not an easy thing. You have to struggle, you also have to sacrifice. I have a strategy to pursue all of your passion and be an expert on it without getting much overwhelmed.

1. Don’t Do It All At Once

The best way to not giving up your passion is to wait. Master your passion one by one. You have to focus on one passion at the time.

The reason is because if you do it at once, it will be a distraction for one another. Instead of mastering all of them, you will only get stuck and eventually give up.

It is related to your learning curve. It goes like this.


When you get better at something, there will be a moment (the plateau) when you have to understand most of it and really hard to get any better. In that moment you could pursue your other passion.

In this kind of situation, grinding is the key. You have to be really patience because as I mention before it’s not an easy path that you’ve chosen.

2. Set Your Expectation

Once again, I said that only you knows your limit. Thus, set your expectation as real as possible. There is no benefit for you to trick yourself.

You can set your expectation of how good you want to be on each passion. Therefore, you won’t feel overwhelmed and be more focus to reach your expectation.

Setting your expectation also means that you begin to learn with the end in mind. It means that you can reverse engineering your goal and break it down to several easy milestones.

It’s like climbing up the stairs. Each one of your steps will make you higher to your goal.

3. Build Something That Maximize The Potential of All Your Passion

Imagine that you have 4 horses. You really care with all of your horses and always train them alternately. Even though you only can ride one horse at a time, all of them getting strong.

You believe that if you can ride all of your horses at once, you will be unbeatable. But how? After having time to think, you decided to create a chariot. You attach all of your horses on the chariot. In that way, you get the maximum potential of all your horses.

Yes, same as your passion, you need a chariot to connect all of your passion in one place.

The real life example of this chariot knight is Elon Musk. He is the former founder of Paypal, also the CEO of Tesla, SpaceX, and SolarCity. He is the king of an affordable sustainable energy empire.

In his company, he really put his passion on sustainable energy and his passion on business at once. With a great vision, he could be the most innovative man in the world right now.


If you have more than one passion, do not give up on them. Passion is a blessing. But that doesn’t mean that you have to recklessly follow all of them at once before you understand your limit. You have to master it one by one and after you become an expert on all of it, create something as a synthesis of all your passion. You could build an extraordinary empire with your passion. Good Luck!

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