Wealth Is Not Only About Money

Some people may have said that wealthy means you have a lot of money. A sports car, a huge mansion, luxury lifestyle, etc.

Because it’s human nature to never have enough, we always want more, and more, and more.

It’s nice to have all of that things.

But that won’t last long.

All of that material things will satisfy you only for the first one month or so. You’ll get used to it.

You may still have a lot of money, but you don’t feel wealthy anymore.

I need money, but I don’t really need dollars. It will only make me greedy.

So, how much is needed to be wealthy?

Not much, it’s only:

1. Having what are essentials.
2. Having what is enough.

Essentials do not necessarily mean money.

Essentials mean you have what you need to realize your vision.

My personal vision is to help people maximize their potential.

If I want to help people, I have to have something first.

For me it’s knowledge to share, spirit to write, a partner that supports, friends that listen, and finally money to amplify the impact.

Having what is enough means you have a self-control to tell you enough.

You will never feel wealthy if you are never said enough.

Instead, you have to fight your greediness and be grateful.

Be grateful for what you have.

Be grateful for what you don’t have.

Gratefulness is what makes a man wealthy.

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