The Perfect Day To Sit & Think

here I am sitting in a blue chair outside my dorm. Silently listening to the sound of the rain that hopelessly fall in the middle of rainy season.

“What was so different about today?” I wonder to myself.

I found that the weather today is so relaxing in every bit of it. I really miss this moment. Enjoying the atmosphere of a rainy day, without worrying about anything. My college semester’s class is going to be off by the end of the week. This semester may not be the busiest semester’s I have ever got. But, think about it.

When was the last time you enjoy the sound of a rain?

When was the last time you feel so presence that you don’t have anything to be worry of?

When was the last time you listen to yourself?

We live in a loud place that we can’t even hear the sound of our own inner voice. We are getting used to living in a fast-paced life. But,

Some of us just don’t know what it means.

Some of us don’t even know why are they doing that.

Some of us just living their daily life because they have to.

Some of us could be me, or you, or even anyone in this world that you could think about. We have to stop.

Stop, and take a deep breath.

Stop, and close your eyes.

Stop, and think.

Our lives are not only about career, not only about working, not even only about getting good grades and then working in a multinational company. There are more than it.

But what?

What is it?

What’s more than it?

I talked about purpose.

 The reason why we lived. The reason why we have to do all this fast-paced life. The reason why we have to wake up in the morning and doing what our teacher tell us about. There comes the second question.


How do we find it?

How do we know our reason?

I don’t know how you will find your reason, but I know how mine. I talk to myself. A lot. Not the kind of talk that literally “talk” in front of the mirror, but the talk to my inner self. Kinda cheesy, but that’s how it works.

It’s not easy.

At the first try, I can’t hear anything within myself because this world is tremendously loud. I need a really quiet and relaxing environment to talk to myself.

Sitting in a chair, just feeling present, without judging about anything. Just like what I do when I write this.

You should try it. It may not work to all of you. But at least, try it. Talk to yourself and find your purpose. 

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