On The Dissatisfaction Of Life

Have you ever feel dissatisfied with your life?

The feeling of living a life that you aren’t supposed to live.
The feeling of emptiness when you wake up in the morning.
The feeling of losing your purpose in the middle of your journey.

The moment where you know you could be better, but you have no motivation to be better.

It’s like you don’t want to do anything anymore with your life.

You are scared to start again. It’s like everybody watching you, getting ready to judge every move you’ll make.

Those feeling is eating your mind, your heart, and your passion.

Then, you start to blame yourself. You blame yourself because you think that it’s your fault to lost your momentum. And you started to feel guilty.

If you ever feel like that, remember this. 

All of that emotion, all of that feeling, were not your fault.

It is only the effect of the past conditioning. It is the effect of the cause that happened. And it’s inevitable.

Let me tell you a very short story.

This story is about a child playing by himself on a beach.

Suddenly, a strong wind comes. The wind has no intention to do anything. It just blows. Because it’s natural for the wind to blows.

The wind blows really hard and makes the boy fall to the ground.

Is it the boy’s fault that he is fall?

No, it’s not the boy fault. And also it’s not the wind’s fault that it blows. It just does what it’s supposed to do. The wind blows, and the boy fall.

It’s just inevitable. Like your emotion.

When you feel dissatisfied with your life, whether it’s because you didn’t do something that you are supposed to do, or because anything, don’t blame yourself too hard for the emotion.

Sometimes there are things like the wind, unseen, but have the power to makes you fall. Those things in life are inevitable, it’s just its nature to make you feel a negative emotion. And it’s not your fault.

Instead of blaming the emotion, you just need to understand the nature of it. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel what I feel?”.

Don’t make those negative emotion your enemy, understand it and befriend with it.

May all being lives in peace and joy.

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