Never Let Your Failures Gone Without Taking Lessons From It

Believe me, sooner or later you will fail in whatever you do. It sucks. But it is inevitable.

Most of the people will fail in their first try. If you’re not, you will be on your second try. If you’re still lucky, I guarantee that you will fail on the third try, or so on.

If you never fail, maybe you just never try anything new in the first place.

Fail doesn’t care whether you are the son of a successful businessman, or you are the smartest person in your class. You will fail.

Maybe you have a target to score A in Math class, but you get B, you fail.

Maybe it’s your final interview in a job hiring, you stake your life on it. But you don’t get hired. You fail.

Or you have a dream to build a business, and no one is buying your product, that also a failure.

Fail doesn’t care what you do, how determined you are, or how does it impact you. It will happen.

You will feel humiliated, you will feel upset, angry, sad.

You will act as if it is the worst thing that happened to you. Or maybe it is.

But the reality is… it’s okay.


How could I even treat failure like a usual thing that happened in life?

Well, because it is.

Failing is the part of life. Everybody have ever experienced fail at least once in their life.

According to Ryan Holiday’s books, Ego Is The Enemy, he divided life into 3 stages. The first stage is called as Aspiration. The second is Success, and the last is Fail. It’s a cycle.

It starts when you aspiring something. You want to make a bent in the universe. Then, you achieved success, perhaps a little, perhaps a lot. After that, you will fail. Recently or continually. For better or for worse.

Even People Like Steve Jobs Fail

A very successful person like Steve Jobs also used to fail. He even got fired once from his own company. The company that he built with all his energy.

Is it a bad thing for him? Well, he cried & he fought. When he lost, he sold all but a single share of his stock in Apple and swore never to think of that place again.

He tried to as best as he could from the first management mistakes at the root of his first failure. He started another company and threw all of his life into it.

Apple’s decision to fire Steve Jobs at that moment was right. Steve’s ego was out of control. If you were John Sculley and CEO of Apple, you’d have fired that version of Steve Jobs too.

But, the thing is, he worked until he’d not only proven himself again but significantly resolved the flaws that had caused his downfall to begin with.


Failing is not an option, no matter that your failure is significant or not, you just cannot run from it. You only do not know when and how it will happen.

The most important thing about failing is not how bad it is to ruin your life, but how you take a lesson from it and recover to be a better version of you.

Failure is not what stopping you from success, it is your way to success. Just never let your failure gone without taking a lesson from it. Get up, move on, and start aspiring again until you succeed!

May all creatures in this world lives in joy.

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