What Makes You Different Than The Rest of The World?

Have you ever dreamed that you will be noticed by the rest of the world?

In every corner that you walked, there are people that recognized you. You becoming a worldwide celebrity, people wanted to take a picture with you.

It’s a wonderful dream, though. According to Pew Research Center poll, 51% of Generation Y is dreamed to be famous. A lot of numbers, right?

Think about it, what really makes you think that the world will notice you? What makes you different than the rest of the world?

You may think that if you get into the top university from the best high school in your region with the highest rank in your class, you can easily get noticed. But does it really matter?

In this era of information, a viral video can make you a sensational celebrity in just a few day. The Internet will make you famous. You skyrocketed into trending section on youtube.

But only for a while…

A week later, people just forget. You may be replaced by a cat that dancing inside a box. Or by a laughing baby with a cuteness-overload smile.

You don’t want to be replaced by a cat right?

If your answer is no, you have to understand that there are no instant success that will last. You have to learn the concept of personal branding and build your audience from scratch.

The Power of Personal Branding

If I said the best french fries in the world, what comes to your mind? McDonalds?

The most innovative company? Apple?

Or the most controversial president candidate? Donald Trump, right?

I’m not reading your mind. It’s just the power of branding. In a company level or personal level. Yeah, personal branding is that powerful if you could use it right.

By the definition itself, a brand is anything. It could be a logo, symbol, design, color, reputation, emotion, style, anything. In the case of McDonalds, their branding is the iconic red-yellow “M” logo. Only seeing that logo can make you imagining a crispy, juicy, golden chicken, right?

But how do you achieve that level of branding that people will notice?

1. You Need To Understand Yourself

Self-awareness is the key to getting into understanding yourself. You may have an outstanding potential hiding inside you. But if you cannot show them to the world, nobody will care about you.

Understanding yourself is different than aspiring who you want yourself to be. It requires a deep thought inner-self conversation with yourself. You have to learn to accept your weakness and embracing your strength.

In an interview about personal branding with Gary Vee, he said thay you have to understand the medium that makes you shine in front of your audience.

If you are not comfortable to talk in front of a camera, it will be really hard for you to be a youtube vlogger. Do not force yourself if you don’t want to.

Instead, you can explore the other method to tell your story. If you confidence with your voice, you can be a podcaster. If you are comfortable with sharing your story through words, try to be a blogger.

Focus on the things that you are best on. Improve your performance gradually.

2. What Value Will You Give To The World?

People won’t give a fuck about yourself if you are not giving them any value. Usually, there are two kinds of value that people exploited to be famous on the internet.

Either to give them an information to solve their problem or make them laugh. It will be more engaging if you could do both.

If you know VSauce’s channel on YouTube, they are the master of delivering both value to you. Basically, VSauce channel is breaking down the trivial science question that will make you smarter in a fun and entertaining way. The result? 10 million subs on the first channel, 3.6 million subs on the second channel and 2.9 million┬ásubs on the third channel.

In order to deliver your value to the world, you have to truly live your value. You cannot just tell people something that you don’t even want to do.

3. If You Cannot Be The First, Be Better Than Anyone Else

Look at this pictures.


What is the first thing that you noticed?

Yes, you will notice the purple cow because it is different. But in this era, only being different is not enough. To get noticed, you have to be better than anyone else.

Being better is a continual process. It requires learning and persistence.

Show your work as early as possible. Don’t be shy of your first project. It may suck but you can use it as a learning process.
Talk to your audience, get feedback from them. Use that feedback to improve yourself.

4. Integrity & Consistency is The Key

Have you ever know a motivational speaker that tells you to remember people’s name but he didn’t actually remember your name the next time you met him?

What do you feel? Being cheated? You will not trust everything that he said anymore right?

That’s what it means by integrity. In my definition, integrity means that you do what you said in the time and place you said it. You have to think holistic.

If you are trying to build your personal branding as a serious person but you always joking at the time, people will think that you are fake.

It is not instant anyway. You have to build it one by one. Make attention to the slightest detail possible.


My point in this article is if you want the world notices you as a person, give the most value to the world. Solve their problem or entertain them. And you have to remember that success in personal branding is a work in progress, not an instant hit. The faster you get famous, the faster you’ll be forgotten.

Be proud and show yourself to the world. Good Luck!



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