How I Make a Peace With Myself About Taking A Wrong Major

Well, taking a wrong major feel a lot harder when you cannot accept it. But it will give you a lot of turning point and life-changing experience if you are being grateful.

I am going to tell you my personal story about my college life, especially in Entrepreneurship major.

Now, that I am a final year student, I got a lot of experiences and lessons learned after 2 years of studying. But mostly not from the lecturer or the class itself.

In my campus, entrepreneurship is a new major. I am in the second batch class of total three batches. So, the curriculum and the lecturer are still “experimental”.

And I am choosing the major because I really wanted to learn about how to be an entrepreneur and stuff.

I actually have a dream to build a meaningful company that has an impact on our society in a good way.

From the outside, I heard that this major would be insightful and exciting, there are a lot of field trips to companies. You can build a company and getting grades from your company performances at the same time.

I supposed to feel so excited for the class, right? I am choosing my own preference anyway.

But the truth is the class just sucks.

I feel like I am not getting much from this class. I don’t know if it just me or not. But, there are a lot of things that I believe it’s essential but I am not learning it in the class.

Furthermore, there is one lecturer that are always being “profit-oriented” more than anything else. Let’s call him “Mr. You-know-who”.

I feel like I’m being pushed to develop a money-making machine while maintaining good grades instead of developing a company that also have an impact on our society; the one that I believe more meaningful.

Mr. You-know-who always pushes us to get more profit every semester without even explaining the right “why” to us.

He only said that he wanted us to get a profit by Rp. 5.000.000 before we graduated. So, that we shouldn’t work for other company and only be an entrepreneur.

Well, it’s not that bad, isn’t it?

Oh, I haven’t told all the story.

Well for a first-time entrepreneur, developing a company while being a good college student is really hard.

My focus is divided, my energy level is just not there yet.

And what I hate the most is some of the lessons that are taught to us have no correlation to our business.

We are still in a startup phase but we already learn to maintain a corporate. How could we apply the lesson to our company?

And more than that, we are expected to build a real business, not only a simulation. When an entrepreneurship lecturer has a high demand for his students while he doesn’t even own a business, how can we trust him? There I think.

And we are forced to join some competitions that have no correlation with our business (again).

Am I complaining too much? Well, maybe.

But I am not only complaining and doing nothing.

Because I believe at that time my class is hopeless, I learn more about entrepreneurship on the internet, joining some startup community, and learn from the expert.

I got a lot more in one month learning outside my class rather than two full years in class. And proving that some of the lessons that I learned in class are outdated and not right.

At the fifth semester, I had my biggest dilemma. Mr. You-know-who really drives me crazy.

At that time, my business is not in a good shape, I need to start all over again. But the target is keep getting higher and higher and the assignment is keep going on. It’s not suitable for my new company. I feel like I couldn’t keep up with the class.

I feel stressed and kinda hate him for it. Because I don’t know what to do.

I started to question everything.

I started to regret my own decision to take the Entrepreneurship degree.

And I am considering to drop out and take another major, like Psychology which I am actually passionate about. Only because I don’t want to face Mr. You-know-who again.

I hate myself.

But then, here I am in my final year. It means that I get to pass through that moment. But, how?

Here’s what I do to make a peace with myself and Mr. You-know-who:

1. Admit that regretting is useless and accepting where you are.

So, instead of thinking about dropping out and take a new class, I decided to make the most of my time while I still here.

After I did this, I realized that this experience gives me a lot of lessons. Even if it’s not directly taught in the class, but I learn to believe in my own voice. To speak up what I believe is right.

2. See things in a different perspective.

At first, I see whatever Mr. You-know-who did to me is always wrong and harm me. I always see the negative side of what he did. But actually, there is a lot of lessons that I learned from him.

The most notable lesson that I got from him is I have a good example on what I shouldn’t do if I wanted to be a good entrepreneur. Just, don’t be like him.

3. Wish him to live a peaceful and a joyful life.

The only way you can forgive someone that treat you wrong or did wrong things to you is to pray for them. Why? Because you cannot hate them and in the same time pray for them.

If you pray for them, you will eventually forgive them. By forgiving I mean forgive the people, not the action. You can disagree with someone’s action, but do not hate them for doing that. They may just don’t know what’s right.

Just take a silent moment, imagine their face, and silently said, “May you live in peace and joy.”


Sometimes you wouldn’t even understand at first that you are taking a wrong major. Until you realized that things do not happen the way you wanted to be. You may find someone you don’t like, you hate them for the way they act. It’s normal. Maybe you will also hate yourself.

But the thing is, you have to face that. Facing the problem is different than running from it. Accept on where you are, see things in a different perspective and pray for them.

May all beings lives in peace and joy. 🙂

PS: I write this article without no intention to harm anyone. I am just trying to illustrate a point as clear as possible.

If Mr. You-know-who reading this article, I have a lot of things to say to you. But first, I want to say sorry that I have ever hate you for a while. But please, don’t take this personally.

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