Life Is A Choice

Either you choose to spend your satnite working on society’s problem or having a date with your girlfriend, it’s up to you.

The rain will still gonna fall.

Either you choose to be the richest person on earth or struggling to create the world a better place, it’s up to you.

The dark will still rise at night.

Either you choose to learn for yourself or study for your parents, it’s up to you.

The earth will still orbit the sun.

Either you choose to think your life is falling apart or you push yourself to the limit, it’s up to you.

The Arctic will still colder than the Sahara.

Either you choose to have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset, it’s up to you.

The brain will still think.

Either you choose to be a creator or be a manager, it’s up to you.

The haters will still gonna hate.

Either you choose to read 1000 books or be a world-class gamer, it’s up to you.

The cat will still chase the mouse.

Either you choose to publish your draft or drown yourself in thought, it’s up to you.

The monk will still meditate.

But, one thing that you should remember.

You only live once. You’ll face your death.

Either you want to be remembered in history or being forgotten, it’s up to you.

Choose wisely.

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