How Books Can Become Your Lifetime Mentor

Have you ever imagined that you start a business together with Steve Jobs? Applying all his secret in Apple to your own business, success will come as soon as possible right?

Have you ever imagined Dalai Lama being your spiritual guru? You will learn the secret of happiness by his guidance, isn’t it?

Have you ever imagined that you start writing a book with Paulo Coelho as your writing mentor? Your best-seller book is on the way, right?

Successful People Have a Mentor

Bill Gates got Paul Allen as both his partner and mentor.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Google’s Larry Page are having mentoring sessions with Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs also have a spiritual mentor. Kobun Chino Otagowa, a Zen master who presided at Jobs’s wedding and was his longtime teacher.

In Tai Lopez’s TEDx Talk he introduced us The Law of 33%. you can call it as The Mentorship Law. Basically, you have to spend your time 33% with three different kinds of people.

The first 33% of your time is for the people who can learn from you. In other words, you become their mentor. By spending time with the people who are willing to learn from you, you can share your experience. It will make you feel like you already succeed even if you are still struggling to get there. It also increases your motivation to get better and better.

The next 33% is to spend your time with the people who are on par with you. It could be your business partner or even your competitor. Play with them, learns with them, fail with them, and collaborate with them. The point is to grow together.

The last 33% is to spend your time with a mentor. People who are 10–20 years older than you. People who are 10x more success than you. The best in your field. Learn as much as possible from them. They have already overcome the problem that you face now. They know the “how-to” to achieve every ambitious goal you have. If you want to learn how to grow a $1 million company, you have to find somebody who has a $10 million company. Don’t be afraid to go to the top.

Book As A Mentor

But, not all of us have access to be with a great mentor. Neither you live in the other side of the earth nor you don’t have any courage to talk to them. Also, you have to remember that not all the best people in your field is available for you. Many of them are so busy with their work or they already went to heaven. William Shakespeare, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Andrew Carnegie, Peter F. Drucker. You can’t ask them questions anymore.

But what if I told you all those people were in my house and they’re going to be there this Saturday answering questions. — magically I can make that happen– They are there in my house. They’re in my library. They can be in your library, too.

You should see books as hidden treasure. Think about it, mentors are great in person, but some of the great mentors are no longer alive. Luckily, some of them already wrote books. If they didn’t, you can look at books written by other people that tell a story about a mentor’s life. There are so many great books that tell you how to be the best in the world. But, how many people have actually read those books? it’s because the modern education system has turned off people’s interest in books. You’ve got to rewire your brain. Let me show you a few quick tricks.

Stop seeing a book like a one-time read. See a book like a friend.  You read it over and over. You come back. And just like friends, you pick a handful of them. I recommend you find 150 books. There’s 130 million. You can’t read that many. But 150 you can read over and over for the rest of your life. There’s no rule, either, at how fast you have to read them, at what pace.

Usually, I take a week to read a book. But sometimes, there are only one or two important ideas that are worth reading. So I’ll flip through the pages. I like to go through it three times. First time, I read the table of contents at the front. The second time, I go a little faster. The third time, I just focus on one chapter. See yourself like a gold miner just looking for that one nugget. Then put it back on the shelf. You’ll be surprised that you can get the lesson of the book in 2–3 hours.

I suggest you use this trick after you’ve finished reading the book for the first time. So basically, this trick is far more effective to review the book that you’ve already read. Repetitive reading will help you to remember all the important lesson written by the author and to ease you when applying it in your daily life.


I will end up this article with an anonymous poem that I found on the internet:

The more you read,
The more you know.

The more you know,
The smarter you grow.

The smarter you grow,
The stronger your voice,

When speaking your mind
or making your choice.

So, my point for today is you should find a mentor.  Find a mentor that 10x more successful than you. If you can’t find one, read more books. Let the books becoming your mentor. Let them guide you to live a better life.

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