Futsal Match for Company: An Unorthodox Team Building Technique

For a newly established company, one of the major tasks that should get done in the early stage is to build a team. Team building is important because a company needs a fully working social system to reach its maximum performance.

Referring to a paper by Bob Dick about the function of team building:

“It is not enough that individuals work on a common task. If they work as individuals with no concern for what others are doing they may well interfere with one another’s performance. To achieve their task function, social systems must coordinate. The difference between unorganized and organized individuals lies in the extent to which the resources they consume, and the outcomes they produce are coordinated.”

There are 4 key functions of team building:

  • identification of individual with individual;
  • identification of individual with system;
  • coordination between individual and individual;
  • coordination of team with system.

Each of these functions can be identified somewhere within current team building practice. The functions provide a convenient way of choosing methods which fit the particular situation. They also allow the development of a taxonomy of team building interventions.

Futsal As A Technique For Team Building

Futsal is a “mini” soccer game that played by 5 people on each team. The duration of the game is 2×20 minutes per period. Usually, futsal is played in an indoor stadium. In Indonesia, futsal is quite popular to be played by teenagers & adults.

According to key function of team building, futsal can be used as a practice for a company as a bonding technique. There are 4 lessons from a futsal match for team building:

1. Teamwork Instead Of Individual Ego

In futsal, if the team only relies on one person’s skill, it would be hard for the team to win the competition. The team needs a proper coordination between the player to maximize its performance.

In this case, the team needs to understand each player strengths and capabilities. A wrong strategy can lead the team to lose. A good team work can make a team without a strong individual excel over the team that used one-man-play strategy.

The same thing happened when an entrepreneur runs a company. A company is not a single player fight, it’s a teamwork. A strong leader to be in the front is crucial, but if the leader doesn’t have the support from his team, he cannot win the competition by himself.

2. The Mix of Strategy & Tactics

Seeing the big picture in a futsal competition is important for the captain to create the best strategy or tactics for the team. Because a futsal competition also coming with risks. For example, the player injuries, miscommunication, etc.

If the competition is held using the knockout system, the team need to consider about their resources. They can use some strategy like keeping the best player only to play against the stronger team and not playing the best player while they are playing against the weaker team. The point is to keep the stamina of the best player until the final match.

In business, a company also have a limited resource. The material is limited, the time is limited, and the capital is also limited. A good leader has to manage their team resource as frugal as possible to run the business for a long period of time. The leader needs to create a strategy or tactics to win both in the short game and the long game.

3. Have A Faith With Each Other

Before the game started, usually the captain have a moment to brief their team member about the strategy they used against the opposing team. A slight miscommunication in the strategy could lead to a fatal problem. For example, when the captain tells the back to go back but instead they go forward, the other team could take the opportunity to score a goal from that situation.

The team member should believe and have a faith in the captain. If not, the strategy that the captain has prepared could be messed up and the team will eventually have a conflict. In the other side, the captain also needs to believe in their team to make the strategy works.

In running a business, belief in the leader is also important to avoid conflict. When the company has so many conflicts between the leader and the employee, it could be harmful to the company. The plan will not work as expected and it will also lead to a failure.

4. Making Quick Decision Under Pressure

To be a winner, only having the skill is not enough. Each of the team members has to develop their mental too. When the winner mentality is gone, the pressure of losing will strikes and the team will lose its momentum.

For example, when one of the team members is injured by the opposing team, the captain needs to make a quick decision who should replace the injured person. The other example is when the time is only 1 minute left, each of the players has to make a quick decision whether they should pass the ball or shoot the ball directly to another player.

In a company, the critical condition also happens. The leader, as a decision maker, needs to perform a quick decision under pressure. He needs to consider many aspects at once and also use his intuition to make the right decision.


For a new company, team building is essential because a company needs a fully working social system to reach its maximum performance.

Futsal as a team sports can be used as an alternatives for team building. There are many lessons that a team could learn from a futsal match, from teamwork, tactic & strategy, decision making and also bonding. So, the conclusion is we can use futsal as an exciting way to team building.


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