I Forget.

I forget…
Forget that I live not because of myself, but because of other’s help.
Forget that every comfort that I get comes from the struggle of people who loves me.
Forget that someday I need to pay back what the world has given to me.

I forget…
Forget that to change the world, I have to change myself first.
Forget that I will never reach my dream if I never waking up.
Forget that to win, I need to make every minute count.

I forget…
Forget that every cloud has a silver lining.
Forget that every meeting has its own meaning.
Forget that there is an opportunity in adversity.

I forget…
Forget that I came to this world with nothing.
Forget that I will also leave this world with nothing.
Forget that I may not see the sun again next morning.

In the end, I am only human.
Who is always forgetting
And living for granted.

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