You Don’t Have To Be An Expert on Everything

My life is a mess before I realized this, but it gradually got better now after I learned that I don’t have to be an expert on everything. Here’s my story.

A few days ago, I have a discussion with my inner self about my life. It’s always come to my mind. The question of “Is this really the best choice that I have chosen?”

It started when I was in school.

Back in that day, I always good at techie, I’m the IT guy of my class. The guy that wanted to be a future programmer.

I started to code in HTML & CSS since 8th grade. Build my own blog, decorate it to be as perfect as possible. I remem first blog is about free cracked software for Windows. I was not aware of copyright yet. Because I really loved to install new software in my laptop, if I got anything nice, I shared it on my blog.

Even though I’m not proud of what I’m doing that time, it was a nice learning experience. Seeing my own website on the first page of Google.

But that dream won’t last forever. When I get to senior high school, I did not continue to pursue coding anymore. It’s because things got harder to learn and there are some other opportunities that I chase.

In the final year of my senior high school, things got a bit serious. I have to choose the path to my future. I was faced with two option that time. Either to study informatics in STEI ITB or entrepreneurship on SBM ITB.

It was a tough choice.

After some consideration, I chose to continue my study on SBM ITB and being an entrepreneur.

Why? That time I have another dream. I don’t want to work for other people, I wanted to give impact to society while creating jobs for others.

Time goes fast. Here I am today, on my final year studying entrepreneurship. My life goes up and down. It’s truly like a rollercoaster, though.

I have more tough time than a peace one. My first business failed because of human resources problem. My second business still struggling with the same problem.

I began to wonder, is it the right path?
If it is, why does it feel so hard?

I started to lost my trust to other people.

That situation makes me selfish. I thought that I need to learn another skill set by myself. Coding, designing, writing, and everything else related to my business. Is it better for me to continue pursuing my long-forgotten dream to code again now?

I was being haunted by that greedy feeling for a while. I want to be an expert on everything and do it on my own. In my deepest heart, I still believe that I can be an expert on all of it if I doing more.

It’s not wise for me to sink on that thought over and over.

I realize that I only have a limited resource. I have a limited time, limited willpower, and limited money to spend.

Even if I learn everything, I could only learn the basic skill of it.

I just cannot get it all together. I have to let things go.

5 Lessons To Avoid The Same Mistakes

It’s not an easy way to come to the realization, though. It’s almost every day I have a war on my head against my greediness. It was a foolish of me to try to learn all things at once. Though I learn this in a hard way, here’s some tips before you did the same mistakes as me:

1. Disciplined Your Mind

All of the doubt I had started from my thought. Undisciplined mind will bring you distractions. You will always look for more and more unrelated opportunity rather than focus on chasing the right opportunity to grow. You will grow, but in a different directions. I have one trick to help you disciplined your mind to achieve your vision. Write down your vision everyday. Yes, every single day. You could write it on a single paper or keep a journal, or whatever. The choice is yours.

2. Disciplined Your Action

After you get your mind in the right directions, now you have to get your action doing the right things too. You could start a habit. For example, to be an expert on writing, you should start to write every day.

Starts from a little step. 300 words per day, 500 words per day, 1000 words per day. Your first writing may sucks. Everyone does that too.

Remember to keep the persistence. There are no expert if they only do the things once. You called them expert because they do the things every day as long as they alive.

3. Aware of Your Strength & Weakness

Everyone in this world have their own strength and weakness. Human is an imperfect creation. But we have to be grateful that we are imperfect. That’s one of the reason that we could get this far. It may be easier to notice your strength comparing to your weakness. You have to talk to yourself more.

Observe every problem that you’ve been through. Understand the source of problem. Do this every single time, you will start to notice what you are best at and what you are not.

4. Focus on Less Gives You More

Imagine that you play an RPG game. There is 5 branch of skill that you could learn from the skill tree. You only have 20 SP (Skill Points). Each branch of level 1 skill requires 3 SP to learn. Level 2 skill required 5 SP and level 3 skill requires 10 SP.

You have 2 options:
1. You choose to learn all the basic for 15 SP and the rest for upgrading one of it to level 2.
2. You learn only two skill, you maxed on of it until level 3 and one other on level 1.

(Sure, there are more options, but that’s not my point…)

Which one you think would be better to fight? A lot of basic skill or one deadly skill? You won’t kill a monster boss with a lot of basic skill but you have a better chance to kill it with one deadly skill.

5. Collaborate With Other People

As I said before, you have a better chance kill a monster boss with one deadly skill.

How does it even possible? Get a party with another player that complement your ability.

If you are a knight, you should master your defend skill to tank. Party with a magician to make your enemy weaker with a spell, a warrior to slay the monster apart and a priest to heal your party. Each one of them has a different skillset but complementing each other.

Same with the real life, instead of trying to be an expert on everything, you should try to collaborate with other people that have the required skillset. need to trust other people with the right skill to delegate some of my work. Or else, I wouldn’t get anywhere. I would only get stuck in the same situation over and over.

You need to trust other people with the right skill to delegate some of your work. Or else, you wouldn’t get anywhere. I would only get stuck in the same situation over and over, never beat the boss.


Get over your selfish ego to be an expert on everything. You won’t get anywhere if you go to many directions at once. Focus and be expert on one skill. And then, partner up with other people that have a complementing skill. Learn to trust them and delegate some of your work. Focus on what’s important. It’s better to reach your goal together than not getting anywhere alone. Keep fighting and beat the boss. Good Luck!

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