Hello, you! I’m Gilang.

My personal vision is to help people maximize their potential.

I am an undergraduate student at Bachelor of Entrepreneurship degree on SBM ITB. I am an avid learner that loves to read, think and write.

Entrepreneurship is my current studies and also my career. I believe that entrepreneurship is the ideal lifestyle that suits me most and can push me to be a better person.

Besides studying entrepreneurship in the academic field, I am actively contributing to several communities in Bandung that focus on entrepreneurship & startup. In my free time, I read books about startup, leadership, self-help and much more. I also love writing, especially writing book reviews that I’ve read on my other website http://metagraf.co.

Most of the time, I write about my thought on life & the book I read. Usually, the genres are productivity, personal development, spiritual & philosophy.

I really believe that everyone has the obligation to live a high-quality life. In my opinion, there are two keys that we have to do to live a high-quality life, that are:

  • Improve yourself (internal)
  • Improve others (external)

In improving yourself, the point is simple: you have to be better than yesterday you. If you are familiar with Operation Management, you may be heard about Kaizen (改善). Kaizen is the Japanese word for continuous improvement. I really love the philosophy of Kaizen. You have to continually improve yourself to a better person every day. You have to put yourself in the beta mode forever. To live a high-quality life there is only improve or die. Improving yourself means that you have to learn something new, doing something new, or experience something new.

The second improvement is the social one. Improving other’s life. Contributing to our society. By improving other’s life, it doesn’t mean that you have to save a million life (which is also good). You don’t have to save the whale from its extinction or be an environmentalist if it is not your passion. You can contribute by doing a little thing like writing (this is what I do), creating a video, or even talking. The reason I developed this website is to improve others life. When someone read my post, comment & share them, it feels priceless. Moreover, if someone said that my posts change their life. It would be a really really amazing experience for me.