A Letter For You And Our Society

Dear You,

Hello, let me introduce myself first. My name is Gilang Agustiar. I am a student of life. I always listen and observe my surroundings.

And now, I want to speak up about how I see the world. How to make it better.

I may not know who you are. But believe me, I care about you. And our society.

But I have some concerns. Especially for the youth generation.

Our environment is not embracing self-awareness much.

How many time that your parents or teacher tells you to study to get a good grades and work in a good company or be a government staff?

Like every single time.

But, how many times that your teacher or your parents tells you to explore yourself, do what your heart tells to, embracing your failure and master your strength?

It’s pretty rare. I have to say that you are lucky if you have one.

And I am grateful that my mother always supports me on what I’m doing. Financially and emotionally.

What makes me more concerned is according to Educational Psychologist from Integrity Development Flexibility (IDF) there are 87% of college students in Indonesia that said they are taking the wrong major from their strength/talent.

How could that even possible? 87% is a huge number.

If you feel that you are taking the wrong major, how can you develop your skill that you are born to? How can you master your talent and contribute to the society effectively?

Well, it is not an absolute fate, though. You could be who you want to be even when you are in the wrong major. But you absolutely need to know yourself first. To understand who you are.

What bothers me is how many people that are ignoring their potential and their dream just because their environment force them not to follow their heart.

Well, it’s your choice. But if you truly care about your dream, if you truly care about your potential, do something about it. Don’t let your environment dictate what you have to do and what you need to do.

You are a human being with a free will.

Even if you have any limitation, don’t see it as a problem that impeding your action. See your limitation as your opportunity to grow.

If you cannot grow inside your limit, go outside your limit. Work around the system.

I know, it’s easier talk than walk.

Actually, I also feel that I am taking the wrong major, or maybe the wrong university.

I feel stressed in the first 4 semesters. Even though I always get a good grade, I never actually enjoy studying it that much.

Until that time I talk to myself about what actually I want to do in this world, what change that I want to bring, I feel empowered by my own thought.

And then, I started to read books. I learn that I’m not the only one who suffers from identity crisis. I take risks to do what I fear.

I create Metagraf. The place that I can share all good articles that shaped me with all you guys.

Then, I started to write about personal development. I am falling in love with it. It gives me a boost of my confidence after I share it with you.

I know, I am still very young to write about personal development. But then, if I think I should wait until I learn everything first before I share it, it was too late.

My time in this world is limited. I don’t know if today is my last day on earth or not. I need to make every minute count.

And now, I wanted to help you to get the same experience. To break your shell and grow.

I make a commitment to research about the framework of personal development. So I can share you a guide that will help you to understand yourself and develop your potential.

Because right now, honestly I don’t know how.

I believe that everyone in this world has the same potential. But not everyone has the same opportunity.

I am really grateful that I always got the right opportunity until now.

I want to help you discover yourself because you deserve it. You have the right to develop yourself.

Because you are special. Like every human being in this world.

Don’t listen to everyone that makes you down. Just believe that you have power. Just be you. Because you matter.

I dreamed about an environment where everyone is supporting each other.

An environment that embracing failure, not laugh about it.

An environment that tells your mistakes when you are wrong and gives you feedback to make you better.

An environment where everyone gives their full effort because they understand it’s important to them.

An environment where the internal value is demanded, not always about materialistic.

An environment where everyone wants to change the world for the better.

An environment where the title doesn’t matter, but action and performance are.

An environment where everyone is competing against themselves and collaborating with others.

An environment where everyone is helping those who needs, not ignoring them.

And to realize my vision, I certainly need your help.

If you also believe in the same dream, please act. Don’t just read. Act.

Think about your dream, believe in yourself. And create something.

Never feel like your action doesn’t matter. To think that what you do doesn’t have any impact on your surroundings is the most selfish thing I’ve heard.

It may not have any significant impact now. But it matters to the next generation after us.

What I’m doing right now is only like a splash in a sea. But if you do the same thing, together we can create a tsunami. And make an impact on the universe.

Thank you for reading this letter, I appreciate your time.

04 December 2016,

Gilang Agustiar
A Proud Student of Life

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