40 Lessons I’ve Learned in 2016

So, it’s nearly the end of the year.

Since last year, I commit myself to create lesson learned of any event that happened in my life. And so far, this year has the biggest impact on my life as a person.

I actually had several up and down moments, started from my first experience of being a speaker in front of 200 passionate people to the worst breakup in my life. It’s okay, though.

Every event that happened in 2016 has made me, me. They said, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I said, “What doesn’t kill you helps you learn who you are.”

I am always grateful for any opportunity that I chase and the opportunity that I let go. What I get and what I don’t.

Most of the lesson below is influenced by Stoicism (mostly Marcus Aurelius & Seneca) and also Zen (Wabi Sabi).

And here’s some of my lesson divided by categories:

On Life

1. All your personal growth started with your mind.
2. Being purpose driven is more important than being passionate.
3. Nothing can harm you if you choose not to be harmed.
4. Being happy is not a destination, it’s the journey itself.
5. You never know when you leave, make every minute count.
6. Control what you can, let go what you can’t.
7. Take a bet on your strength and potential.
8. Every failure in your life helps you to understand yourself.
9. If you stop challenging yourself, you will never get to level up.
10. Being mature means you acknowledge your weakness & capabilities.

On Spirituality

1. Spiritual development starts from the detachment of your body and mind.
2. Being aware is the first step of any change.
3. Ego is the root of all your suffering.
4. To listen to your inner voice, you need to embrace solitude.
5. Take a moment to pause and reflect every day.
6. To seek contentment instead of pleasure.
7. To not worrying the future, not regretting the past, and start living.
8. The only way you could eliminate hatred through other person is to wish them lives in peace & joy.
9. You come to this world with nothing, you will also leave with nothing.
10. Be grateful for what you have and what you don’t.

On Productivity

1. Create your prioritization by your energy level.
2. Design your environment helps you to develop a new habit.
3. If you are not learning to prioritize, someone else will prioritize you.
4. All you need to be more productive is focus.
5. Your willpower is finite, design a system.
6. Do not wait for inspiration, create your inspiration.
7. If you seek for perfection, you will not get anything done.
8. Not to get more done, but to get less to do.
9. Being productive without purpose is only means busy.
10. If you never measure yourself, you will never know that you are improving.

On Communication

1. In every meeting, there are always an opportunity to learn.
2. Listen, Listen, Listen.
3. Open yourself to make another trust you.
4. Maintaining a deep relationship always have more impact than only knowing a lot of people.
5. Be truly interested in the person you’re talking to.
6. Always see a person as they are, not their title or their age.
7. Be humble, don’t exaggerate things.
8. Assumption kills you, ask.
9. Remember that you can always say sorry.
10. You may never know what makes a person special until you start talking to them.

Actually, there is more lesson that I learned but I think what you read above is some of the most important lessons I got this year. It’s okay if you don’t agree with me, we have a different empirical experience after all.

Anyway, which one is your favorite? please write in the comment section below!

May all being lives in peace & joy 🙂

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